We understand preparing yourself or your loved one to enter a nursing home can be a troubling time filled with lots of questions.

Please find the answers to the most common below – and if you have any additional questions then please don’t hesitate to contact us and talk to one of the team.​

HOW MUCH WILL IT COST ?2019-12-03T09:06:45+00:00

This is the number one question we get asked and, unfortunately, there isn’t a straightforward answer. Every resident has different needs and different circumstances and so there is no one flat fee we can quote. Once we know your needs and any funding you may receive we’ll be able to advise you on any fees that may be payable.

WHAT CLOTHES WILL I NEED ?2019-12-03T09:14:15+00:00

Please bring a selection of comfortable clothes and plenty of nightwear. We will do all your laundry so please can you ensure that all your clothes are washable and labelled. If you can’t label them yourself we will label them for you to ensure your clothing doesn’t go missing. Please be aware that we use a permanent laundry pen on the clothes’ labels. It will really help us ensure your washing comes back to the correct room if you have clothes with labels we can mark up.

Gentlemen, black socks are impossible for us to label so unless you have sewn in laundry labels please can you pick a different colour to bring.

If your relatives wish to do your laundry for you while you are here with us please let us know and provide a laundry basket for your room.

CAN I PERSONALISE MY ROOM ?2019-12-03T09:14:31+00:00

Of course – it’s YOUR room. If you’d like to paint your room a different colour or put up shelves for instance all you have to do is speak to a member of staff and we’ll be happy to help you.

WHAT BELONGINGS CAN I BRING WITH ME ?2019-12-03T09:15:12+00:00

We encourage all residents to bring in items that will make them feel at home. Ornaments, paintings, photos of your loved ones, even small items of furniture – whatever you need to make the room feel like your space and safe haven.

DO I NEED TO BRING TOILETRIES ?2019-12-03T09:15:24+00:00

Yes, personal toiletries are not covered by the home fees. It’s also comforting to smell the same aromas you are accustomed to, use the same shampoo you’ve always used or have a daily spray of your favourite fragrance/aftershave.

WHAT ARE THE VISITING TIMES ?2019-12-03T09:16:32+00:00

This will be your home and as such we operate an open door policy and your friends and relatives can visit you whenever they like for as long as they like. We do ask that any visitors try to avoid arriving or departing during meal times as these are very busy times at our home and it avoids disrupting other residents’ meals.

CAN MY PET COME AND SEE ME ?2019-12-03T09:16:46+00:00

Absolutely! We understand how hard it can be to leave behind a beloved pet. To maintain the welfare of all our residents we do ask that any animals coming into the building have up to date vaccination certificates that we may ask to see.

WILL I NEED TO CHANGE MY DOCTOR ?2019-12-03T09:17:00+00:00

Oakfield is covered by Garstang Medical Practice and Lancaster Medical Practice. If you are currently registered with a different GP you will need to be registered with one of these – but don’t worry, we will take care of that for you.

CAN I DRINK/SMOKE ?2019-12-03T09:17:36+00:00

You can have a drink as long as there are no medical reasons why you shouldn’t, for instance if it would interfere with any medication you are on.

Oakfield is a no smoking home.


We encourage all family and friends to take you out on trips as long as you are able to do so, it’s important to experience as much as you can. There are wheelchair accessible taxis for hire from Lancaster that you can book if you can’t access a normal car.

Bring a mobile phone if you use one- and don’t forget the charger!

The home has WiFi so you can use a variety of electronic devices, such as tablets, smartphones etc. We also have cordless phones that you can take into your room if one of your friends or family rings you for a chat.

WHAT HAPPENS TO MY VALUABLES ?2019-12-03T09:18:13+00:00

When you join us we will take an inventory of your belongings, making particular note of any jewellery etc. We have an onsite safe that we can store things in if you require – or pass them onto your loved ones for safe keeping at home.

We take security at Oakfield very seriously – all our staff are police checked prior to employment and we have a secure buzzer entry system on all doors. However most of the time we advise to only bring items of special emotional meaning as we would hate for anything to get lost. So discuss this with your loved ones before you come in.


In all honesty, no. And, as with your valuables, it’s probably safer to leave your cash with your family. We can arrange paper deliveries and we have our own hairdresser and chiropodist – if you need anything additional please ask your family or friends to bring this in for you – or speak to a member of staff and we’ll sort it out.

WILL I BE BORED ?2019-12-03T09:19:16+00:00

We hope not! Think about the things you do at home to keep you occupied – do you knit? Do puzzles? Watch films? Listen to music? Have a favourite hobby? Bring those things with you – if you need help with any of them let our staff know and we’ll be happy to help. We have 5 resident lounges where you can watch TV with other residents, listen to music or even have a chat with Buzz, the Oakfield budgie! We host regular afternoon events with professional singers who come in to entertain you. We also have an activities team who will arrange a variety of things for you to do – fancy a game of dominoes? How about bingo? Arts and crafts, movie club afternoon or even some armchair exercises – we’re always looking for things to keep the residents and the staff happy.


We understand what a major change this is for you and for the people around you. It’s never an easy decision to take and isn’t entered into lightly. We’ll do our very best to help you settle in here at Oakfield but we know that sometimes it can take a little bit of time. A different bed, a change in routine or any of the other changes – these can be scary and unsettling. Give it time, tell us what you need or would like changed and tell us about yourself – we’re here to listen and to help you as much as we can.

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